Sunday, May 22, 2011

T2 Week 3 Meeting

Just signing in to thank everyone for their contributions at the T2 week 3 meeting. I agree with Gavin - great discussion with some helpful tips. Well done to all.

Steve C MEP

Friday, May 20, 2011

Week 3 Meeting

Thank you all for yesterday'e meeting. I feel this was one of the better meetings we have had and see this as a sign we are developing as a group, for the betterment of all. We have some exciting projects on the go. I went home and had a look at Study Ladder, as I hadn't heard of it previously. I registered then and there! Thanks for the heads up on this site.

For those of you with / getting iPads, there is a Ning community you might be interested in -



Friday, May 6, 2011

Some interesting sites/blogs

Thanks Rachel for getting this going for us. These are some sites I found helpful/interesting.

Term 2 Meetings 2011

Meetings in Term 2, 2011:

Week 3 - Thursday 19 May
  • Roscommon School
  • 3:30pm for a cuppa
  • Meeting starting @ 3:45pm
We look forward to visiting a new school for us and hearing about their slant on ICT and learning.

Also, bring any questions, or ideas you may want to discuss, and you could also share something that is going on at your school in ICT that you are excited about or are developing, if you wish.

Week 8 - June 23

  • Manurewa East School
  • 3:30pm for a cuppa
  • Meeting starting @ 3:45pm

Manurewa East have some exciting new buildings and spaces that have been designed with ICT in mind that we plan to view.

Image: 'no denial' Creative Commons Licenced


Welcome to the South Auckland eLearning Group.

We are a group of enthusiastic teachers who meet twice a term to learn from each other and share our skills and expertise in eLearning and ICT.

Please feel free to join us. Check out this blog for details of our meetings.