Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 3, Term 1 Meeting 2013

Hello all,

We had a great meeting on Thursday 21st February at Puhinui School.

Thanks to Steve for showing us some of your school infrastructure and talking the group through some of your school eLearning foci for 2013.

A major component of our meeting was to decide the scope for our meetings throughout 2013. We want to make sure these meetings are supporting teachers in their eLearning/ICT journeys.

In discussion, we came up with this list of things we would like to have as part of our 2013 meetings:
  • sharing from each school (Smackdown format - 2 mins each)
  • meetings at a variety of schools
  • demonstrations
  • pedagogical discussions over ICT issues
  • school/classroom tours at venue school
  • guests & experts visiting (perhaps 2-3 times per year)
  • ideas shared for professional development in eLearning
  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • Security of devices
  • mini workshops (20 mins) at each meeting on agreed topics
  • sharing of good online resources, blogs people are reading etc
  • iPad app sharing (junior & senior)
  • possibly look at running a mini conference!
  • collaboration & sharing of classroom based ideas - practical
  • examine Core Top 10 Trends & Horizon Report - future focus
If you weren't able to make the meeting, please feel free to contribute any ideas you may have in the comments below this post.

Remember, meetings are held on Thursday afternoons in Week 3 and 8 of each term.

Next meeting: Week 8 (Thursday 28th March) at
Randwick Park School
3:30pm for a 3:45pm start.
Have a think about what you might share in the 2 min Smackdown!
Hope to see you there!