Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flatbush School

31 October 2013

Thanks for hosting

Martin Hughes

Google Apps
Microsoft 365

Some of the challenges teachers face

  • hard to plan, collaborate and co-construct
  • hard to use ICT effectively
  • hard to find stuff - on servers, email...
  • callenged by variations in location, device, software etc
  • overwhelmed by the technology
Some of the challenges students face
  • sometimes ICT encourages the behaviours we DON'T want or value
  • hard to access at school
  • easy to access at home
  • hard to find stuff
  • challenged by variations in location
We should meet the learner where they are at!

We should be doing less better.

3 forms of resource in schools
  • time
  • money
  • good will / motivation
ICT can either grow these resources or burn them all, at a terrifying rate!

Cloud Computing
Makes things more secure and easier to access

Chrome - Advantages
  • less confusion
  • can sign in - gmail, chrome (data follows into any computer)
  • Settings - where downloads, download to; set pages for start up;
  • more secure than the server
  • things can be in multiple locations
Need to effectively teach students digital citizenship

Google Apps
  • Mail
  • Drive
    • online 'Finder'
    • able to give feedback - 
    • saves as you go.  Cannot lose your work.
    • collaborate on a document
    • editing Word docs - go to word, file, new, save as, 
  • Calendar
Only 3 things to sign into - mail, chrome, google app

Mark Treadwell "Whatever!" 2007 - S Shape curve

If you want to go quickly go alone. If you want to go far go together. - African Proverb
We need to go far.... and quickly - teachers

Quick Office - for iPads to open Word docs.