Thursday, November 1, 2012

South Auckland eLearning Cluster Meeting

Rosehill Intermediate School

A small but lively group from the cluster turned up to the last meeting of the year.  A huge thank you to Rosehill Intermediate for hosting and for a fantastic afternoon tea.  From the start there was a lively discussion around the following topics/products/services.

Greg and Mary from TTS shared their wealth of knowledge about all things to do with digital technologies in schools.


The suggestion was to set up internal firewalls once we have wireless - not rely Watchdog etc especially once students start bringing their own devices.

Advice and suggestions around BYOB bring your own browser
  • see volume purchase programme below
  • place apps on iTunes accounts
  • app place workload
    • work back from the learning outcome, what app would be best to achieve this.
    • flip Blooms Taxonomy
  • mobile device management - for school apps
    • Apple only mdm
    • Hosted mdm (expensive)
    • purchase shared apps as part of class stationery
    • governance pov not allowed to touch others byod.
  • insurance
    • contents insurance covers it.
    • different models eg buying off a trust.
  • Starwalker app
Worth reading through and seeing where your school lies within the matrix.  Then compare as you are further along your e-Learning journey

School Facebook Page  - a powerful way for the greater school community to be aware of what is happening in and around school.

The discussion around the Apple Volume Purchase Programme was lively. The importance of supporting app developers was strongly stated and the following points were also raised.
  • easy to sign up then...
  • 50% discount when you buy 20 + apps.
  • apple apps eg pages, keynote, etc, some smaller ones have not opted in.
  • every time you use an app 5 x, a message is sent to apple.
  • license!!!!
  • charge as part of stationery.