Thursday, September 8, 2011

Next Meeting: Thursday 22nd September

Our next meeting is Week 8 at The Gardens School in Manurewa. 

Bring any ICT ideas, sites, apps that you are working for you and/or your school. 
We love to hear of new possibilities and ideas or sites that we can investigate and use!

If there is anything you would particularly like to explore or find out about, let us know in plenty of time beforehand, so we can try to have someone available who can share on it.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at: 
The Gardens School, 
101 Charles Prevost Drive, 
The Gardens, 
on Thursday 22 September, at 3:30pm for a cuppa, ready for a 3:45pm start. 
See Map link below.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks all for a great final meeting for the year.
    It was great to share all of our 'tactics' for engaging teachers and assisting them to be 'learners' themselves in eLearning.

    See you all next year!