Thursday, September 18, 2014

ICT Cluster meeting Thursday 11 September St Josephs School Otahuhu

The 3 carriage train - spend more time in the second carriage
-willingness and enthusiasm rather than directives

Google Apps - Google Classroom:

Need strategic plan +school google account
select teacher
create class
invite students
give them the code (ie: as with Edmodo)
sign in
stream/ students
put up videos
watch videos in own time - comment
Make announcements - youtube - add instruction -watch and add a comment.
Assignment -eg: volcano research -find info about rangitoto
due date comes up automatically.

My assignment - create
name and title goes up automatically

use research tool - annotates - cite
finish work

turn in when finished editing - cant change after turn in.

Teacher gets assignment notification
Grade /100 or whatever (numerical)

Post feedback comment - important

TTS will come into school to move the middle carriage - say once a term

Hapara + Google Classroom complement each other

Not a soup kitchen handout but a shared collective where all efforts contribute and are valued.

Twitter: @stevevoisie

Questions/ discussion -
#Youtube ads: turn on ad blocker (abp) on chrome or firefox

#N4L: n4l  has three levels of blocking -have one person on staff to alter as well.

#short urls - more convenient to type in
Meeting ended with a tour of new classroom block.

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