Monday, October 5, 2015

ICT Cluster Meeting Manurewa Central 6/8/15

ICT Cluster Meeting Manurewa Central 6/8/15

Issues or frustrations:
*Breakages - iPads - screens, updates
*teachers not using initiative - one solution is a problem solving sheet - Steve to put on Google Docs
*lack of computers for student use, when using Google Docs
*using iPads for Google Docs (not ideal) - solution: use Chromebooks
*Computers in homes program (Finlayson Park)
* using iPads for things they are best at - hands on apps for juniors, Explain Everything, photos, video and evaluation, portability, etc.
*Websites - wix - build your own web site, Google,

Getting Staff on board:
ICT Staff meeting - at least one per term
Syndicate Meetings - have ICT bites - short presentations
Teacher mentoring
Barriers - time constraints, lack of confidence,
Teacher inquiry - e learning component - staff choose an ICT aspect as a goal or next learning step.

Bring back Smackdowns to our meetings - short sharp presentations 2 mins max each
A speaker next meeting:
Possible topics:
*Google Workspace -
Also would like people's suggestions re storage, security and necessary add ons when introducing devices please.

Next meeting - Week 8 Thursday: 10 September - Host school to be announced

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